Catholic Entrepreneur Initiative

The Book of Genesis tells us that our first parents were commanded by God to "fill the earth and subdue it" and that they were placed in the garden of this world "to cultivate and care for it" (Gen 1:28 and 2:15) All of man's creative activity is thus seen as part of our human dignity and vocation to be co-creators with God, and this means that every form of human labor and enterprise has great dignity and noble purpose. Thinking about the economic dimension of our vocation to holiness is one goal of Catholic social teaching, the result of a century of philosophical and theological reflection by some of the Church's finest minds on the dignity of work, the relationship between capital and labor, the responsibility to care for the poor, the universal destination of goods, and the principles that should guide practical decision making on all of these fronts. The Center's program for Catholic entrepreneurs will offer classes intended to assist them in understanding this body of teaching and integrate it into their professional work and personal lives. Special attention is given to examining the concept of social justice as a personal virtue to be acquired by individuals rather than as a political ideology to be enforced by governments.