Our Mission and Vision

The Center for Evangelical Catholicism seeks to advance the New Evangelization by forming Evangelical Catholics equipped to fulfill the Great Commission. The CEC is a not-for-profit corporation in the state of South Carolina.

At the Center for Evangelical Catholicism we are more than just a think tank, we are a do-tank. We seek to influence the international world of ideas through our popular podcasts, conferences and writings, but we also have multiple programs dedicated to the pratical dimension of helping all Catholics put Jesus Christ at the center of their lives.

Our Main Programs

The Evangelical Catholic Parish: The New Evangelization takes place primarily in parish churches led by priests who are assisted by lay leaders in fulfilling their duties to teach, sanctify, and govern the portion of the flock entrusted to their care. To help those entrusted with the task of forming parishes for the New Evangelization, the CEC offers from time to time a colloquium called The Evangelical Catholic Parish at St Mary's Church, Greenville. Topics that are explored include, among others, the theoretical and practical dimensions of expository preaching, celebrating the sacred liturgy in keeping with the perennial mind of the Church and the authentic reforms of the Second Vatican Council, forming and teaching Catholics of every age for lives of intentional Christian discipleship, organizing the charitable activities of the parish in keeping both with the principles of Catholic social teaching and with the understanding of social justice as a personal virtue rather than an ideology or political platform. We don’t just theorize on how to enact the New Evangelization in parishes, but rather, we help provide priest with the necessary tools to actually implement it in the liturgy and life of their parish. To see this in action please enjoy the 11.00 am Solemn High Mass at St. Mary’s, livestreamed on Facebook each Sunday. https://www.facebook.com/stmarysgvl/

Venture Fidelis: By our Baptism we are to be disciples of the Lord Jesus. And to live as true disciples of Christ, everything about us must be measured and guided by the Gospel, including our daily work. Human labor and enterprise have a God given dignity, and it is largely through the hallowing of daily work that lay Catholics grow in holiness. The Center for Evangelical Catholicism launched the initiative Venture Fidelis to help Catholics sanctify their work so that we might live as better disciples of the Lord Jesus, who himself lived as a carpenter who did all things well.