Strengthening Catholic Schools

The Program

Catholic schools are one of the most effective instruments of evangelization ever devised by the Church, but to fulfill the potential in our schools for forming Catholics to be mature disciples of the Lord Jesus and live their entire lives according to the truth of the Gospel, our schools must have a strong and clear Catholic identity. The Center for Evangelical Catholicism is developing a seminar for Catholic school teachers and administrators designed to assist them in integrating the Catholic Faith into every activity of their schools, in large part by helping them understand themselves as missionaries and their work as the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

The Need

Many Catholic school teachers and administrators have absorbed the modern worldview that divorces their faith from their classroom subjects and their approach to teaching. Currently, there exists an epidemic of good Catholic teachers who feel that they must approach their subjects and classrooms as “practical atheists,” that is, as if their Catholic beliefs had nothing to say regarding the subject they are teaching. This taints their subject but also trains their students to think and act as practical atheists, instead of forming their minds and consciences through the study of their subject to encounter reality truly and absorb a sturdy Judeo-Christian worldview that will aid the student for the rest of his life. As a result, today’s Catholic education leaves its students just as susceptible to cultural lies that endanger their souls as they were before their education. With this truth staring parents in the face, the decision to forgo the sky-rocketing parochial tuition bills for the equivalent education experience in charter schools, public schools, or more affordable private schools, leaves Catholic Schools - who are conscious of no value proposition to retain enrollment - closing in droves.

This program sparks the rediscovery of true Catholic education by educators, sharpens the focus of their vision of Catholic education, and gives them the tools to transform their own schools into authentically and beautifully Catholic environments, in order to spread the faith and stem the tide of shrinking attendance and uncommitted financial support.

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